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Effective Health & Safety in the workplace is an ongoing challenge.  It requires a considerable amount of time and dedicated effort to ensure all issues are appropriately addressed and comply with the various Health & Safety Regulations.

First Aid Supplies

We’ve been providing first aid kits and supplies to our diverse client base since 1973.

Health & Safety Boards

A unique ecosystem of harmonized health and safety workplace solutions since 2001.

Customized Solutions

Cutting-edge WPCC™ solutions for workplaces looking to strengthen their safety culture.

Taras (Terry) Tesla, President

Message from the President

I’ve had the pleasure of being part of Talott, the family business, for the past 39 years. This provided me with the opportunity to learn, develop and grow within the occupational health and safety field.

My passion has always been to find new and innovative ways to address clients’ needs.

In 2001, I pioneered the WPCC™ Health and Safety Communication Board System for the industry. It is one of the many product solutions I have conceived, designed and manufacture in Canada. I look forward to working with you.

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Our History

Talott First Aid & Safety was established in 1973 by Taras and Anastasia Tesla. Talott has a long history in the occupational health and safety industry.

Their son Taras continued with his parents’ legacy and created his own path in the industry.

Follow Talott as we introduce exciting new product solutions with the same dedication to
quality and customer service that Taras and Anastasia lived by.

Taras and Anastasia Tesla circa 1960
WPCCTM Health and Safety Communication Board

WPCC™ Health and Safety Communication Boards

Made in Canada, the WPCC™ Health and Safety System and family of related product solutions are the result of close to 50 years of Talott’s experience in the OH&S industry. 

Talott remains the leader in the industry it pioneered in 2001 and continues to conceive, design and produce innovative and functional OH&S board product solutions to tackle their clients’ workplace needs. 

Our Products

Regulation First Aid Kit
Regulation First Aid Kit
First Aid Supplies
First Aid Supplies
WPCC™ Health and Safety Board Solutions
WPCC™ Health and Safety Board Solutions

Let’s work together on building your workplace safety culture

Each company has a unique set of requirements when it comes to health and safety in their workplace. We’ll help you bring that vision to life.